Safe Construction Practices Keep Projects Moving During COVID-19

It’s not even finished yet, but the images coming out of our latest workspace renovation project are downright stunning and pure Instagram gold. It’s the kind of project any of us would love to see in our feeds under normal circumstances, watching it unfold detail by detail. But now, in this moment of such uncertainty for our planet, we love savoring these gorgeous time-tested details preserved in a modern office redesign.

Tucked away inside the back of an historic mill building in a quiet Connecticut town outside Hartford, you’ll find an Infinity Group construction crew hard at work, while maintaining proper distance from each other. We are renovating this space for the new reality of work while preserving touches that have survived decades.

Under the Connecticut Governor’s direction, construction and other essential business continues. Our enhanced COVID-19 response policy also ensures that anyone with symptoms of the virus stay home and quarantine. Infinity Group Project Lead Trever Howlett explains the additional extra safety precautions in place to ensure the safety of everyone in the field.

“I have been disinfecting commonly used surfaces like the door handles into the space and practicing social distancing with all our of trades working on this project,” said Howlett.

While employees at this office are working remotely, we are completing their workplace redesign project. When you approach the front door you’ll first notice the National Register of Historic Places plaque on the brick exterior. As you step through the doors, there’s an antique spiral metal staircase winding its way up one of the brick walls to a second story loft. And while you’re looking up, your eyes will be pulled to the ceiling which is all natural wood that is also being preserved. The space is vast, and the two story tall windows make it feel almost cathedral-like. As you walk toward one of the corners, you’ll find a safe that we are also preserving. The craftsmanship from that period is apparent in the knobs and detail work on the front of the safe.

“The historic district is ‘significant’ architecturally because it retains the mill housing and street layout of an early 19th-century village as well as the Greek Revival and Gothic Revival structures of later 19th-century development,” according to a Wikipedia article on the area where the building is located. “The commercial blocks, religious structures, and publicly owned buildings, together with the many 19th-century houses and their outbuildings, tell the story of the community’s development into the 20th century with integrity and few intrusions.”

A tasteful renovation is happening before our eyes, and we are so excited to share the completed project when it is done. This crisis is creating so many challenges for so many right now. We take solace in the simple beauty of what we can control; our careful approach to safely completing a project for a company that is ready to get back to work when it’s time.