Space Maximized

Space Maximized

the story

After some careful strategy, design, and demolition Infinity Group expanded this company’s office footprint and maximized the value of the square footage they were already using in a beautiful way.

project details

  • Company: Metrum Research Group
  • Location: Tariffville, CT
  • Size: 8,000 SF
  • Practice: CLEAR strategy
    CLEAR architecture
    CLEAR engineering
    CLEAR construction

CLEAR Results

“There were so many details we liked, but I think my favorite part was seeing it come to life, the final outcome was beautiful.”

-Scotti Rylands, Metrum Research Group

“At first, the company wasn’t convinced they could even fit in the space, let alone accommodate growth, but we helped them dream bigger.”

-Infinity Group Director of Design Laura Merill

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