• Company

  • Location

    Hartford, CT
  • Size

    7,200 SF

Upward wanted large training and conferencing rooms for their corporate clients. Each room was named and tailored to a specific theme with bold colors; Create, Discover, Imagine, Design, and Explore. The space also features sweeping views of the city to inspire creativity across all different kinds of groups and industries.

Before the space was built and during the design process, we provided a virtual reality experience for Upward and their perspective clients to tour the space. During the permit process, we worked with the city to change the use from typical office space to conferencing community space. As this was an occupied office tower in downtown Hartford, our team worked closely with building management to ensure smooth delivery that didn’t interfere with other tenants.

“From the design to the architecture and construction, they really were able to take our vision, see it from the beginning stages, walk us through the middle and then give us a great end result that now clients, prospects and current members are in love with. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to bring our vision to life.”

– Jess Morin, Upward Marketing Manager

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