• Company

    Fiduciary Investment Advisors
  • Location

    Windsor, CT
  • Size

    13,000 SF

Financial Advisors Bring the Outdoors Inside with Office Renovation

The bright blue accents and height adjustable desks transformed the space into something more collaborative and welcoming. The team culture is very important to Fiduciary Investment Advisors and they needed a space that could reflect that.

The space was designed to be more open, lively and progressive to create a more comfortable and secure environment for their employees and clients, as well as keeping current with the new trends in the marketplace. It also features a large hub area and elevated outdoor patio to support their team and community events.

” I would definitely recommend Infinity to other businesses. The final product speaks for itself. I would recommend them to any company looking to expand in the area. “

– Mark Wetzel, President

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