• Company

    Eastern Propane & Oil
  • Location

    Danvers, MA
  • Size

    4,130 SF

“It’s so nice to walk in that door and see bright colors and happy employees,” said Jacyln Ruberti of Eastern Propane & Oil (EPO)

A total refresh was what Eastern Propane & Oil wanted for their offices just outside of Boston, and that’s what we delivered. Day to day operations continued as Infinity Group worked with the company to design the space, curate a furniture package, and build it. The company wanted a mix of traditional office elements with a bold twist.

“Before it was just kind of dark and it wasn’t very welcoming, now it’s more clean and bright and the colors are great,” said Jacyln.

EPO has been in business since 1932, and they service energy needs for clients from Maine to Cape Cod.

We love the way their brand-new waiting room, office workstations, private offices, and a training room turned out. Together, with the company leadership, we wanted to inspire employees to do their best work and encourage customers to stay awhile when they paid their bill in person or visited the offices with a concern. We worked with the company’s newer brand colors – shades of blue and green – and found statement pieces and more subtle design elements that brought them to life. With the renovation, employees report finding additional opportunities to focus on their own wellness throughout the workday.

“It has changed so much, especially the reception area and the seating area. It’s just so nice to be able to, at any point, to take a break and sit down and overlook the ocean.