• Company

    CME Associates
  • Location

    Storrs, CT
  • Size

    8,000 SF

The previous space was very traditional and built with minimal to no flexibility for cohesive meeting spaces or activity-based working. The new space was up-fitted from a retail space to meet their needs. The compact and open workstations make it easy for engagements while being productive.

It was recreated to be fun and engaging for their team and to re-position themselves to attract top young talent. They wanted a space that was different from everyone else that created a more engaging experience for a younger audience, being so close to the university it had to stand out. Within months of completion, new team members cited the inspiring workspace as one of the biggest factors in talent acquisition.

” They incredibly organized, They said what they were going to do and they did it. We ended up with a space that I think really will be a good investment. When we found something that wasn’t quite right, there was never any response other than to define what the issue was and define what the solution was and get it taken care of. ”

– Brad Cheney, CEO


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