Employee Burnout – Architects In Action!

Employee Burnout – Architects In Action!


Can Architects Solve Employee Burnout? A staggering 77 percent of U.S. professionals have experienced employee burnout at their current job. At a recent industry round-table held at Delos’ headquarters in New York City, real estate, design and workplace strategy experts discussed how awareness of this issue is growing – and how they’re seeing it impact businesses’ success.

The term “burnout” might sound ambiguous, but it’s by no means a fluffy, vague term. In academic literature, it is defined as chronic workplace stress characterized by exhaustion, cynicism and lack of professional efficacy.2 Recently, the World Health Organization recognized burnout as a “syndrome” and added it to their International Classification of Diseases chart. By doing so, employee burnout has been elevated to a higher status for health departments, researchers and government agencies to track, monitor and address the issue globally.

As a result, companies are even more eager for tools to address it.

At the same time, nearly 70 percent of professionals feel their employers are not doing enough to prevent or alleviate burnout within their organization. “What people don’t realize is that workplace design can make a difference,” said Senior Vice President of Delos Dr. Whitney Austin Gray, presenter and host of the roundtable…”

Our in-house designers, architects, engineers, and builders are all on the same team, saving you time and money on your projects. From our initial schematic design test fits, we can forecast real-time accurate projects cost and timeline.  going back and forth with 2-4 different companies and hoping they all align from not just a design and aesthetic perspective, but from a strategy and architecture standpoint, can be overwhelming and is further justification that the traditional way is flawed. Set up a time to speak with our workplace strategy team and learn how you can create a space your employees want to go into and thrive doing their best work.

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Article Author: Stephanie Timm, PhD, Senior Director, Delos Insights