CLEAR is Better

From start to finish you're in the driver's seat when it comes to the design, function, investment & schedule of your workspace project.

Did You Know?

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of projects around the world are at least 40% behind schedule.
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Project costs increase because of change orders.
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of the global workforce is highly engaged and highly satisfied with their workplace.

What is CLEAR?

Infinity Group CLEAR is our cohesive package of services to design and build better workspaces. Start to finish, you have a crystal-clear view of the design, function, investment & schedule.

We’ve improved the traditional process because you deserve better – an exceptional client experience and a beautiful final project delivered on time and on budget.

We’re Ready

We design and build beautiful workspaces for clients across the US.

We spread the power of wellness at work through inspiring design, unmatched responsibility, and unshakable trust.

We guide people through every aspect of the journey: from the idea, to when it becomes reality and employees are thriving.

We’re Different

Designers, architects, and builders are stronger together because they are working for the same team at Infinity Group.

Now the power of communication, technology, reliability, and cost-savings are combined to help our clients get the most for their money while achieving the design of their dreams!

You and your project team will always be certain about the design, function, investment, and schedule of your project from beginning to end.


Reserve your no-strings attached brainstorming session.
Really, it’s free and super useful.

The traditional process for workspace design is flawed. 

Value engineering is one of the most divisive processes in the construction industry, causing countless headaches throughout the offices of both architects and manufacturers for decades. It is representative of the perpetual tug of war between quality and cost inherent within the design of every building.

The Problem

The Solution is CLEAR.

Click on each section below to learn more about Infinity Group CLEAR. 

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CLEAR Strategy

We will collaborate with you on a solid plan to serve your goals.

CLEAR Architecture

The right expertise, continuing what we started.

CLEAR Engineering

Now it’s time to strategically engineer your future space.

CLEAR Construction

Now, we build it and deliver you a completed space.